I highly recommend her!

“I was somewhat skeptical heading into my Reiki session with Patty. A friend had strongly recommended her services to me so I wanted to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the benefits of the session. I found it to be such a relaxing, stress relieving experience. I was awake the whole time yet my mind was in a peaceful, daydreaming state. The hour flew by and I was left feeling completely relaxed. I would highly recommend Patty’s Reiki experience to anyone!” ~ Brett D. New Boston, NH

I loved it!

“Receiving Reiki at True Inner Reflection was divine!  Patty facilitated the energy healing in a gentle, soothing and personally meaningful manner.  The room and ambience were cozy and peaceful and, at the end of my appointment, I felt more relaxed and centered.  I am grateful to have received energy healing from a certified Reiki practitioner and look forward to future appointments.  Thank you, Patty, for bringing affordable and non-invasive treatment to humanity that addresses the whole person.  I loved it!”   ~ Jo C. Goffstown, NH

Reiki was priceless to me!

“OMG! OMG! Bring someone to help you off the table. Reiki was priceless to me. I had never had this Reiki experience and was absolutely astounded by how stress seemed to flow out of my body during this experience. Patty is very professional and her treatment was exquisite. It provided a path for me to get stress relief I have never before experienced. Highly recommend to anyone seeking peace within using a non-invasive touch experience.”  ~ J. Ray. Daytona Beach, FL

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